Discover creative dinner experiences through chef collaborations which are like no other. The Blind Pig hosts tasting and family style menus of the highest quality cuisine using local and fresh ingredients. We are a fundraising organization and community building catalyst established by a network of chefs and volunteers in Asheville, NC since 2011. Today, The Blind Pig hosts imaginative, cuisine focused dinner events across the state of North Carolina. We are ever expanding and growing.

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About Us

The Blind Pig based in Asheville, NC started as a small and unassuming underground supper club with a unforeseen mission to raise awareness for a local farm in WNC threatened for foreclosure.

Today we are an inspired community of chefs, cooks and artisans which have delivered concept driven cuisine and experiences in unforgettable dinner productions since 2011. Through our thoughtful collaborations and networking, we continue to spotlight creative talents and bridge communities through support of local food as well as raise funds and awareness for very important charities.

In less than five years, The Blind Pig productions have garnered local and national media attention and nationally distinctive awards for its array of cultural preservation, documentation, research and philanthropy through our distinct creation of food and experience. 

In August of 2015, we will celebrate our 100th concept driven charity dinner. We are proud to have assisted over 57 charity and non profit organizations locally and nationally with our productions which patchwork is woven tightly with the local chef and food community. 

The Cuisine

A Seasoned Crew

The Blind Pig has worked with a number of core chefs in and around the Asheville area since its conception. We are ever evolving with new chefs and cooks which use their talents in a focused dinner experience. Many of our volunteer service and production staff have been with us since day one. The bones of how we work and what we do are driven by the creators, a husband and wife team that combines a perfect marriage of both of their talents.

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Unique Settings

 You received the location of your dinner only 48 hours ago. You drive up the winding mountain on a beautiful sunny afternoon as your wine bottles clink in the backseat. Your directions lead you to an inconspicuous location where you park and follow a narrow stone walk with a directional sign. Ten minutes later you've find yourself on the front porch of an antebellum home overlooking the serene and beautiful mountain as the sunsets. You meet new friends which sit before you and share your wine. You are blown away with creative and amazing flavors of the team of hard working chefs around you. It was an evening to remember. Welcome to The Blind Pig. 

Unique Settings